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 Things you need to know. 


No two rooms are the same so many negative reviewers may have been satified with the room next door. You can always ask to see another option upon check-in.  We want you to be happy.

Single rooms are small and have queen beds.  The building was built in 1948 when expectations were very different and we do the best we can with the space.  We have actually made the rooms a bit smaller than original by adding a layer of insulation between rooms for sound proofing.

We always buy the best Serta mattresses and always look for ways to make guests comfortable.  We generally replace around 4 carpets a year and they all get shampooed several times a year. 

We do most of the remodeling ourselves so rooms get makeovers at different times.  A few reviews mention "dated" or "old" bathrooms.  Some bathrooms have new tile floors but old looking, but functional, wall coverings.  Some have older flooring but newer walls and vanities.  Some have recently been completely remodeled and look fresh and very modern. So don't judge all rooms by a single review.  That person writing the negative review might have been impressed by the room next door.


If you booked online using Booking.com or Expedia and need to cancel please use the same channel you made your booking through.


If you booked directly with us you may cancel online or give us a call.

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy that we are sticking to pretty rigorously.  We have had to follow the lead other properties with this policy because too many people just didn't show up.  It's very frustrating to turn people away and then end up with open rooms.  We are not "mean" or "money grubbers", we just don't like being taken advantage of.


When booking any lodging always read and understand the cancellation policy as you are bound by it.


We have service to the property of 60mbps download and 4mbps upload. 

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